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Broken Hill

Beyond the edge of the Darling River on the edge of sundown ..... G'day....Welcome to Broken Hill and the inspirational outback. The vibrant yet subtle colours and magical light of this landscape have brought film-makers and artists here to capture its special quality. It packs a pwoerful emotional punch, this dark red soil contrasting with clear blue skies where the wedge-tailed eagle soars, appealing to something deep in our human souls. There's definitely a spirtual element in this country, as the Aboriginal ancestors kinew. And at sunset, when the wide lorizon glows red and orange, we are each lost for words. The distances are huge and the big red kangaroos can boom two hundred kilometres in a night chasing a thunderstorm. And yet there's a smaller scale - the petals of a Sturt's Desert Pea, the eyes of a lizard, ancient rock etchings. The town of Broken Hill is its own graphic testimony to the struggles of the mining pioneers. The 'tower mullocks' and headframes silhuetted at sunset tell the story of a treasure byond the wildest dreams, a treasure that filled the coffers of a young nation....Australia. THE ACCESSIBLE OUTBACK! BROKEN HILL 'THE SILVER CITY' IN THE HEART OF THE NEW SOUTH WALES OUTBACK. The city of Broken Hill has developed as a vibrant Mecca for Artists and Filmmakers, a long way from its roots as the site of its richest deposit of Silver Lead and Zinc the world has ever seen. Today Broken Hill is still a working town, mining is still a major economic driver and in conjunction with the environment, agriculture, art and tourism, the city is buzzing! Broken Hill is the stepping off point for the greater outback NSW experience, be warned though that 3 days will not be long enough to do it all, you'll need to plan at least 7 days to get around to meet the people and see the diverse countryside that is truly Australian. You will enjoy the friendly nature of our region's community where having a beer or a cup of tea is the best way to get to know somebody, it's through the strength of this community that we've developed one of the most interesting places to visit. Broken Hill has been credited with almost single-handedly taking Australia off of the sheep's back and bringing our nation into the industrial age. On your visit you'll see a dominating memorial to the pioneers of this age, many hundreds of men lost their lives divesting the earth of ore from the line of lode, men and women from many nations made Broken Hill their home and it was through hardship, toil and looking after your mate's that the true Aussie spirit was borne. It was here that the 8 hour work day was introduced; it was here that most of the world's modern mining techniques were perfected; it was here that the Australian identity was forged. A visit to the outback of New South Wales begins in Broken Hill, be prepared to be inspired, because once you've been here you'll understand why the locals love their place.

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