Shuttle - Launceston to Hobart No Hotel Transfer - One Way

Tasmania's Own Redline - Launceston

Tasmania's Own Redline


Instant Confirmation

Cost: A$51

Valid for 01APR17-31MAR18:
Booking Confirmation:
Red Line will confirm their services 120 days prior to travel only.
Valid for 01APR15-31MAR19:
- Hotel transfers not permitted.

Baggage Capacity: 2 pieces. Each piece less than 20kgs each.

Operation Hours:
- Launceston Transit Centre, cnr St John and Cimitiere Sts.
Monday-Friday: 8.00am-5.45pm
Saturday: 9.00am-5.45pm
Sunday: 9.00am-7.30pm
Public Holidays: 9.00am-5.45pm

Additional Information:
- Check-in 20minutes before scheduled departure.
- Timetables are subject to change.Times may also be amended for Public Holidays and Long Weekends.

~~ 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2016~~Highway Services Timetable:
- Departs: Devonport
Monday - Thursday: 7:35am / 11:00am.
Friday: 7.35am / 11.00am / 5.45pm.
Saturday: 9:00am / 2:50pm.
Sunday: 9:00am / 5:20pm.

- Arrives: Launceston
Monday - Friday: 9:00am / 12:30pm.
Friday: 9:00am / 12:30pm / 7:35pm.
Saturday: 10:30am / 4:20pm.
Sunday: 10:30am / 6:50pm.

Highway Services Timetable:
- Departs: Launceston
Monday - Thursday: 1.30pm / 5.45pm.
Friday: 1.30pm / 4.30pm* / 5.45pm / 6.45pm.
Saturday: 1.30pm / 5.45pm.
Sunday: 1.30pm / 5.45pm .

- Arrives: Devonport
Monday - Thursday: 3:00pm / 7:10pm.
Friday: 3:00pm / 5.30pm* / 7:10pm / 8.25pm.
Saturday: 3:00pm / 7:10pm.
Sunday: 3:00pm / 7:10pm.

* School days only
** School Holidays only.

Spirit of Tasmania Shipside Services Timetable Devonport to Launceton:
- Departs: Devonport
Monday - Friday: 7:40am.
Saturday - Sunday: 9:05am.

- Arrives: Launceston
Monday - Friday: 9:00am.
Saturday - Sunday: 10:30am.

Highway Services Timetable Hobart to Devonport:
- Departs: Hobart Transit Centre
Monday - Friday: 10:15am / 3:00pm/ 5.00pm.
Saturday: 10:15am / 3:00pm.
Sunday: 10:30am / 3:00pm.

- Arrives: Devonport Transit Centre
Monday - Friday: 3:00pm / 7.10pm / 8.25pm.
Saturday: 3:00pm / 7:10pm.
Sunday: 3:00pm / 7:10pm.

Highway Services Timetable Devonport to Hobart:
- Departs: Devonport Transit Centre
Monday - Thursday: 7.35am/ 11:00am
Friday: 7.35am / 11:00am / 5:45pm.
Saturday: 9:00am / 2:50pm.
Sunday: 9:00am / 5:20pm.

- Arrives: Hobart Transit Centre
Monday - Thursday: 12.30pm / 3:45pm
Friday: 12.30pm / 3:45pm / 9:30pm.
Saturday: 1.30pm / 7.30pm.
Sunday: 1.30pm / 10:00pm.

Highway Services Timetable Launceton to Hobart:
- Departs: Launceston
Monday - Thursday: 10.00am /1.00pm / 5.30pm.
Friday: 10.00am / 1.00pm /3.30pm ** / 5.30pm / 6.45pm .
Saturday: 11.00am / 5.00pm.
Sunday: 11.00am / 3.00pm / 7.30pm .

- Arrives: Hobart
Monday - Thursday: 12:30pm / 3:45pm / 8:00pm.
Friday: 12:30pm / 3:45pm / 5:55pm** / 8:00pm / 9:30pm
Saturday: 1:30pm / 7:30pm.
Sunday: 1:30pm / 5:25pm / 10:00pm.

** Service only operates on School days.

Highway Services Timetable Hobart to Launceton:
- Departs: Hobart Transit Centre
Monday - Thursday: 10:15am / 3:00pm/ 5.30pm.
Friday: 10:15am / 3:00pm / 5:00pm / 5.30pm.
Saturday: 10:15am / 3:00pm.
Sunday: 10:30am / 4:00pm**/ 6.00pm.

- Arrives: Launceston
Monday - Thursday: 1:00pm / 5.30pm /8.00pm.
Friday: 1:00pm / 5.30pm / 8:00pm/ 8.00pm.
Saturday: 1:00pm / 5:30pm.
Sunday: 1:00am / 6:35pm** / 8.30pm

** School days only.
Hobart Airport Timetable:
- Transfers pick up from Hobart CBD accommodation plus Sandy Bay accommodation including Wrest Point Casino, Battery Point, North Hobart and New Town hotels.  Hotel pick ups are not available from West Hobart, South Hobart, the Eastern Shore, or Northern Suburb accommodation.   
- Bookings for shuttles for the early morning flights (Flight times up until 9am) should be made by 6.00pm the night before, however late bookings can be accepted 
- Passengers must be outside hotel/accommodation or at the designated pickup point 10 minutes before scheduled time - Drivers do NOT come to reception for collection.~~~~


Instant Confirmation