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Popanyinning is situated 19 kilometres north of Cuballing and has a population of approximately 150 people. Popanyinning was originally named 'Popaning' which stands for waterhole in the Aboriginal language. The name came about from a large waterhole that was situated just outside of the town. The waterhole was used by aborigines and wild brumbies from around the district. Years later the name was changed to Popanyinning, but no-one is really quite sure of why. The birth of the township of Popanyinning can be attributed to both the construction of the Great Southern Railway and the desire of pioneers to settle within the perimeter of the townsite, being approximately 5.5 kilometres north and south and 22.5 kilometres east and west. Records show that the first pioneers arrived in 1893, and in 1898 pioneer railway construction workers and their families arrived. By 1906 there were 72 families registered within the Popanyinning district. The town was basically built for agricultural conveniences so that surrounding settlers could come and buy their monthly supplies from the local shops and for the use of the railway facilities. Once there were many shops in the main street, such as a Blacksmith's, General Store and Post Office, Mixed Goods Store and a Bakery. On 2 April 1906 the Popanyinning Hotel was officially opened. It was very successful for many years, until 9 July 1978 when it sadly burnt down. The Hotel has never been replaced.


Popanyinning: Where To Go / Sightseeing

Dryandra Woodland

You can see some of Western Australia's unique animals at Dryandra Woodland, less than two hours drive from Perth.

This area is home to more than 100 species of birds and 24 mammals making it perfect for animal watching.

Walk through the woodland and watch for echidnas, woylies, possums, kangaroos and the elusive numbat.

Learn all about the animals on a 25 kilometre radio gravel drive trail, the Sounds of Dryandra, which travels through open woodland scenery. The trail includes six stops that transmit interesting stories about the history and animals of the area. Or, you can go bushwalking on one of the many tracks to see wildflowers, birds and natural bushland.

An endangered animal sanctuary called Barna Mia is nestled in the heart of Dryandra Woodland and definitely worth a stop.

On a guided nocturnal walk you can see a number of threatened species of marsupials like wallabies, bilbies, bandicoots and boodies.

There's cottage accommodation at Lions Village, you can camp at Congelin Campground or stay at one of the local farm-stays.

Camping in Western Australia's natural areas is a special experience. Selected campgrounds from across the state are now bookable online for a trial period.

Wandering-Narrogin Road
Cuballing, WA, 6311

Located 16.9K from Popanyinning

Barna Mia Native Animal Sanctuary

Barna Mia is a nocturnal native animal sanctuary with a difference! Nestled in the heart of Dryandra Woodland, approximately two hours south-east of Perth, Barna Mia is a place to discover threatened native marsupials in a natural setting, and to experience the wonders of the woodland, once the sun has set and the action begins.

Informative and friendly guides share details about the history of the woodland and the endangered native animals that once called Dryandra home, together with the protective measures the Department of Parks and Wildlife have introduced for example: Western Shield, an ambitious conservation program that covers an area of four million hectares.

Within the four hectare predator-proof sanctuary guides will use special red-filtered spotlights on the six species of native animals: bilby (rabbit-eared bandicoot), boodie (burrowing bettong), woylie (brush-tailed bettong), mala (rufous-hare wallaby), marl (western barred bandicoot) and quenda (southern brown bandicoot).

Tours run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday commencing at the straw-bale Visitor Centre after sunset with start times varying seasonally. Bookings are essential.

Whilst in the area visitors can wander the walk and drive trails where an appreciation of the beauty of the woodland, especially during the magnificent wildflower season.

Wandering - Narrogin Road
Dryandra, WA, 6311

Located 17.4K from Popanyinning

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