Gourmet Food Pass - Gourmet Food Pass




1 pass can be used by up to 4 people in the same travelling party.


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Adults: A$20

Children: A$20

Important Information:

Valid for 01APR19-31MAR20:
- Getting your passMobile passes are downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play to your mobile device. A log-in and password is required to access the redeemable discount coupons on the mobile pass.
- Contact us directly at info@gourmetfoodpass.com with your log-in details if you would prefer a hardcopy pass.
- Your log-in and password
- Use these details to access the locked redeemable discounts on mobile Gourmet Food Pass:
- Log-in: the email you provided on purchase
Password: gourmet
Activating your pass
- Your pass is automatically activated and ready to use from your travel date (the date you specified on purchase).Where are the discounts?
- The redeemable discounts are located in a locked section titled Discounts on the mobile pass. This section is locked until your travel date. You will need your log-in details to access this section (see above).

Accompanying mobile app:
The Gourmet Food Pass mobile app is free to download. It contains itineraries, a list of the discounts available and a map. The locked redeemable discounts section of the pass will become available from your travel date.

Terms and conditions:
Discounts are single use only, unless otherwise stated.
1 pass is valid for use by up to 4 people. 2 passes are valid for use by 5 to 8 people maximum.
Discounts are not available with any other offer.
Participating venues and discounts may change from time to time. No guarantee can be made that the discounts available at the time of your purchase will be available during your travel.
Purchase of the pass does not entitle you to any reservations or guarantee of entry to the venue.
Whilst care is taken to ensure venue information (opening times, menus, contact details etc.) contained in the pass is correct, it is best to check directly with the venue for the most up to date information.


Instant Confirmation