Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary - Feeding Frenzy

Regional TAS

Departure Days:

Daily except 25DEC

Important: We are wheelchair accessible with 1 level bathroom. The top section of the sanctuary (150m) is where the majority of our animals are located and keepers are stationed at enclosures. There is 1 step into our gift shop however help is available. Tour itinerary stated is for up to 6 pax. If you are booking a tour for more than 6 people please be aware that opportunities to feed and interact with the animals will be fewer for each participant.

Departure Time:

10:00am or 1:30pm


2.5 hours


- Feeding Frenzy Tour.



Not Included:

Transfers - can be arranged for smaller groups for an additonal fee

Departure Point:

Gift shop at Sanctuary entrance


Not Available


Adults: A$0

Children: A$0


Bonorong Park was established in 1981 as a sanctuary for injured and orphaned wildlife. Owner, 26 year old Greg Irons, has had a lifetime passion for animal rehabilitation and releasing animals back into the wild. When seven years old and first visiting Bonorong Wildlife Park he stated to his mother that he would own Bonorong one day and that has now become a reality. Greg believes in grass roots education and regularly undertakes talks at junior and secondary schools. He has hand raised numerous species from Tasmanian Devils and Eastern Quolls to Tawny Frogmouths and Eastern-Barred Bandicoots. He believes that if people first gain a greater understanding of the animals this can result in a passion for helping them. Greg has turned Bonorong into a sanctuary that focuses on education, rehabilitation and release of native wildlife. Running over 1000 tours a year the staff at Bonorong are all very experienced in interpretation and wildlife husbandry.

Full Itinerary:

Go crazy wildlife fans! It's feeding time at the sanctuary and your guide will help you to get up close to as many different animals as possible in two and a half hours. This small group tour will introduce you to a whole new world of feathered, furry and scaled friends.
What you'll do
⋅ Feed the wombats their daily snacks
⋅ Give the cockatoos their sometimes wriggly treats
⋅ Hook the Tassie devil onto its snack and start a game of tug of war!
⋅ Meet our two unique species of quoll and spot their differences
⋅ Feed the spotted-tailed quoll their meaty delight
⋅ Watch the amusing rainbow lorikeets devour their grapes
⋅ Feed fresh eucalyptus to the koalas whilst stroking their thick, woolly fur
⋅ Hand-feed the tawny frogmouth bird and watch them swallow their food whole
⋅ Entice the albino possum out with his favourite treats
⋅ Be brave and hand-feed the emus
⋅ Spot the secretive and little known Tasmanian bettong in their grassy nests
⋅ See the sweet-toothed sugar gliders come out for their dessert, and…
⋅ Pluck up the courage to stroke a blue-tongued lizard.

Important Information:

Personally guided tours are guaranteed at a minimum of 48 hours notice. On occasion, visitors may be asked to wander the Sanctuary first and feed the kangaroos whilst waiting for a keeper to become available for a tour.
Pensioners and Students at adult prices.
Minimum 2 passengers travelling.


Not Available