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We do not currently have any general information about Mungeribar. To find out more about the area try the following locations:

Mungeribar: Where To Go / Sightseeing

Narromine Aviation Museum

The Narromine Aviation Museum houses a captivating exhibition of artefacts, documents and photographs which tell the story of aviation as it evolved at Narromine. The museum is situated on one of Australia's most historic aerodromes. Visitors can stroll around the wartime parade ground and precinct, and see two original aircraft hangars.

Tours are available to view Australia's only flying replica of a Wright Flyer Model A, and several historic aircraft. Other organisations on the aerodrome offer air experience flights and lessons in gliders and ultralights. A modern auditorium with video and sound facilities is available for hire.

Narromine Aerodrome, Mitchell Highway
Narromine, NSW, 2821

Located 13.3K from Mungeribar

Trangie Garford 1918 Fire Truck

The town of Trangie has built a museum to house the town's 1918 fire truck, which was used by the community up until the mid 1940s. The fire truck is on show in the glass building in the town centre and is brought out on special occasions.

More information please visit the official Council website.

Dandaloo Street,
Trangie, NSW, 2823

Located 17.8K from Mungeribar

Trangie Wungunja Cultural Centre

The Wungunja Cultural Centre opened in July 2017 after restorations to an old Scout Hall building took place, transforming it close to its original condition when built in 1936.

A unique Centre that holds a large collection of Aboriginal artefacts that have been sourced mostly from Central West NSW. The collection boasts two large carved burial trees that once stood on the Macquarie River close to Trangie. These trees have been housed at the Australian Museum in Sydney since the mid 1960's and have been bought back to their country to stand in the Cultural Centre.

The artefact collection displays prime examples of Aboriginal tools which include ochre in a wide range of colours, axes, boomerangs, dishes, saws, scrapers, rubbing stones and anvil stones. This centre also holds a large collection of family histories of the Aboriginal families originating from Dandaloo on the Bogan river and Gin Gin on the Macquarie river.

Visitors and groups including school groups are welcomed to visit the Wungunja Cultural Centre where catering can be arranged for morning and afternoon teas and lunch.

Wungunja Cultural Centre is easily accessible with parking close to the building, with facilities that allow wheelchair access.

81 Dandaloo Street
Trangie, NSW, 2823

Located 17.9K from Mungeribar

Trangie Big Billy

The Big Billy is at the Goan water hole at the entrance to the town it has information boards with the time line of the town's history. There is plenty of information on the local Aboriginal history.

Trangie was also a Cobb and Co stop. There are toilets and a play ground there is plenty of parking .

Saleyards Road,
Trangie, NSW, 2823

Located 18.4K from Mungeribar

Mungeribar: Events

Trangie truck and tractor show

At this event you will be able to watch the local truck and tractor pull look over the many cars on show spend some time at the amusements or browse the many local store holders

Event Dates
      16th Aug
      17th Aug
      18th Aug

Croudace Street
Trangie, NSW, 2823

Located 17.1K from Mungeribar

Trangie Cotton Gin Tours: Seasonal Event

Each day from April till late September you can do a tour of the local Cotton Gin.

Each morning they meet in the camp kitchen for a talk on how cotton is grown with samples which lasts for about half an hour, then they drive out to the local Cotton Gin for the tour to see how cotton is Ginned from raw cotton from round modules to bales - this is a fully hands on experience where you get to feel the raw cotton as it is sent in to the Gin and follow the cotton on its way to being baled for export .

This tour is open to any age there is plenty of parking.

Event Dates
      26th Apr
      27th Apr
      28th Apr
      29th Apr
      30th Apr
      1st May
      2nd May
      3rd May
      4th May
      5th May
      6th May
      7th May
      8th May
      9th May
      10th May
      11th May
      12th May
      13th May
      14th May
      15th May
      16th May
      17th May
      18th May
      19th May
      20th May
      21st May
      22nd May
      23rd May
      24th May
      25th May
      26th May
      27th May
      28th May
      29th May
      30th May
      31st May
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      2nd Jun
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      1st Aug

38 Goan Street
Trangie, NSW, 2823

Located 18.1K from Mungeribar

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