SEIT Uluru Trek - SUT

SEIT - Local Small Group Tours - Ayers Rock / Uluru

SEIT Uluru Trek


A$438 (2 Passengers)


6 hours.

Departure Days:

Daily except 25DEC.

Departure Time:

Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25:

01APR-30APR, 01SEP-15SEP: 05:45AM.

01MAY-31MAY, 01AUG-31AUG: 06:00AM.

01JUN-31JUL: 06:15AM.

01OCT-15OCT, 01FEB-28FEB: 05:15AM.

16OCT-31OCT, 01JAN-31JAN: 05:00AM.

01NOV-31DEC: 04:45AM.

16SEP-30SEP, 01MAR-31MAR: 05:30AM.

Departure Point:

Ayers Rock Resort.




- Outback Picnic Breakfast.

Not Included:

- Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park Fee.


On Request


A$438 (2 Passengers)


Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25:

- SEIT professional guide.

- Hot water flask with tea/coffee

- 1 x bottle of water and refill water.

- Sunrise at Uluru.

- Trek around Uluru's Base.

- Audio language iPod (limited numbers - must be requested at time of booking).

What to Bring:

- Comfortable covered walking shoes.

- Small day pack.

- Broadbrimmed sun hat (with fly net during hotter months).

- Sunscreen.

- Face mask.


Valid for 01APR23-31MAR25:

As you start your sunrise trek around the full 12 kilometre base trail of Uluru you will embrace the culture, geology and environment that is the essence of this amazing monolith. Your guide will tell the cultural stories (Tjukurpa) of Liru (venomous snake) and Kuniya (woma python), as well as many other Aboriginal creation stories associated with this central Australian icon. Along the trail you will witness sunrise, visit waterholes and the rock art sites of the ancients and learn of Uluru’s cultural significance to the Anangu (local Aboriginal) people.

Child Policy:

Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25:

Day tours:

Infant: 0-4 years inclusive - infant rate applies.

Child: 5-15 years inclusive - child rates apply.

Valley of the Winds (SVW), Uluru Trek (SUT), Patji (SPA):

Infant: 0-4 years inclusive - not catered for.

Child: 5-15 years inclusive - child rates apply.

Daintree Dreaming:

Infant: 0-3 years inclusive - not catered for.

Child: 4-14 years inclusive - child rates apply.

Child Seat Requirement:

- It is a legal requirement for all infants and small children under the age of 5 years to be restrained in a child seat.

- When booking a child restraint please advise which restraint (capsule, baby seat or booster seat) is required at time of booking, charges apply. Booking Code: CSEAT.

Important Information:

Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25:
Important Information:

- Please advise accommodation details and any dietary requirements at time of booking.

- Audio Language iPod: - No deposits for language iPods for all SEIT Tours and given to guests on arrival of tour. Any clients requesting Language Devices are encouraged to bring their own headphones.
Languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin and Russian. Limited numbers - must be requested at time of booking.

- SEIT Outback Australia reserves the right to alter itineraries and transport in anyway that maybe necessary due to changes in road, weather, cultural reasons, or any change in operational conditions.

- For contact tracing purposes please provide customers country of origin (if international) or state and postcode (if domestic), if possible contact numbers of clients are preferred.

Mandatory fees:

- Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park entry fee: AUD38.00 per adult 18 years and over. Children 0-17 years inclusive are free of charge.


On Request