Melbourne Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

Global Ballooning Australia Pty Ltd - Melbourne

Melbourne Sunrise Balloon Flight


A$0 (2 Passengers)


3-4 hours.

Departure Days:

Daily except 25DEC.

Departure Time:

1 hour before sunrise (to be confirmed the evening before flight departure by checking this link.

Departure Point:



Melbourne city hotels before first light.


Valid for 01APR22-31MAR23:Foyer of the PULLMAN ON THE PARK: 192 WELLINGTON PARADE, EAST MELBOURNE. Hotel drop offs not included.


- Not included.

Not Included:

- Champagne breakfast.


Not Available


A$0 (2 Passengers)


- 1 hour sunrise hot air balloon flight.

- Highly experienced balloon pilot.

- Transfer to meeting point.

What to Bring:

- Warm casual outdoor layered clothing.

- Sturdy shoes and warm socks.

- Spare socks and shoes incase feet gets wet.

- Cap.

- Sunglasses.


Valid for 01APR22-31MAR23:

A Global Ballooning Australia coach will pick you up at your hotel before first light (you will be advised of the exact time the evening before your flight by checking this link, After a short briefing by your pilot, you will be transported to the launch site where you may help prepare for the launch or stand back and take some fabulous photos. Then away you go! Spend approximately 1 hour drifting gently over Melbourne at sunrise by hot air balloon. After landing and packing the balloon away, you will be transferred to Pullman on the Park Hotel.

Child Policy:

Valid for 01APR21-31MAR23:

Child: 0-5 years inclusive - not catered for.

Child: 6-12 years inclusive - child rates apply.

Important Information:

Valid for 01APR21-31MAR23:

What to Bring:

- Comfortable clothing that will not restrict active participation in inflating the balloon or climbing in and out of the basket should be worn. It is an active morning in the outdoors, so wear clothes that can get stained or dirty.

Please note: The burners can sometimes drip water mixed with Carbon. Global Ballooning will not be responsible for clothing that is stained or damaged as a part of this adventure activity.

- Wear clothes as for hiking, including sturdy shoes, warm socks and a cap, sunglasses. Make sure you have pockets with zips so you can keep items safe.

- High-heeled shoes, thongs/flip flops and open-toe shoes are NOT suitable.

- Feet can get wet and cold in the early morning dew, so perhaps bring a change of socks.

- Do not bring any bags as these will not be allowed on the balloon. You can leave them in the ground crew vehicle whilst on your flight or leave them at home/in your hotel.

- Depending on the time of year and weather, it can be extremely cold.

- Generally it will not be any colder in the air during the flight than on the ground, so wear layered clothing that can be removed as the day warms up.

- The burners can radiate heat so a hat is recommended.

- Cameras are welcome but are carried at your own risk.


- Hot air ballooning is a weather dependent activity which means the flight is not guaranteed to proceed every day unless it is safe to do so. You must check the APP, website OR phone the night before the flight any time after 6pm to find out:

- If the flight is proceeding

- The exact meeting time. Failure to do so may result in miscommunication and failure to fly, forefeiting your booking altogether.

Check if your flight is proceeding in one of three ways:

1. Please Download the Global Ballooning APP. This is the primary way to communicate information. You MUST enter your Flight Location and Date to gain information for your particular flight and you can also contact the pilot through the app (if there are any issues).

2. Visit the website Visit link from 6pm onwards (the night before the flight) and read the information provided.

3. If the client is unable to follow any of the above methods, they will need to call 0488 686 555 from 6pm onwards and listen to the voicemail message from the pilot.

Please provide up-to-date mobile contact phone numbers - if a guest changes their international numbers to an Australian Mobile number after booking their flight Global Ballooning Australia Pty Ltd MUST be informed. This can also be updated through the Global Ballooning APP if they wish to communicate this information at late notice.


Not Available