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Dolphin Swim Tour ex Rockingham

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Perth Wildlife Encounters

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Children (7 - 12):

Children older than 12 are costed as Adults.

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- Wetsuits and all snorkelling equipment.

What to Bring:

- Camera.

- Comfortable shoes.

- Hat.

- Sunglasses.

- Sunscreen.

- Warm jacket (the sea breeze can be cool, even in Summer).

- Swimwear.

- Towel.

- Change of clothes.

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Departure Days:

Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25: Daily except 06JUN-15SEP, 25DEC.


~~ 01-Apr-2023 to 31-Mar-2024~~Valid for 01APR23-31MAR24: 3-6 hours depending on sightings.~~~~
~~ 01-Apr-2024 to 31-Mar-2025~~Valid for 01APR24-31MAR25: 4-6 hours depending on sightings.~~~~

Departure Location:

The Cruising Yacht Club Jetty, corner of Val Street and the Esplanade, Rockingham.

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Not Included.

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Note: Pickup requests are subject to confirmation.


~~ 01-Apr-2023 to 31-Mar-2025~~Valid for 01APR23-31MAR25:

At 07:45am board your vessel at the Cruising Yacht Club Jetty at Rockingham, to commence a Swim with the Dolphins cruise. Travel aboard Apollo III, a 15.5 metre motorised vessel, for the unforgettable experience of swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment. Begin by cruising Rockingham's sheltered bays and islands in search of any of over 200 local dolphins. Once the skipper spots the first group of the day, an excited buzz takes over the boat, and the crew will ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the water. The silvery grey coloured dorsal fins start breaking the surface of the water within metres of the back of the boat. Once in the water, you will be surrounded by flashing grey torpedoes and the water fills with whistles, splashes and laughter - both human and dolphin. They do not do tricks and no feeding is involved, just spend some time enjoying this wild encounter. A light lunch is served on board. Cruise concludes between 11:00am and 02:30pm, depending on dolphin activity.~~~~

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