Silky Oaks to Cairns Domestic Airport - People Mover

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Cost: A$0


7 Passengers

Valid for 01APR21-31MAR23:
- The vehicle will either be a sedan or a Hyundai Imax depending on availability.


Australian law requires that children from birth to 7 years inclusive be appropriately restrained in a suitable child car/booster seat.

Car/booster seats must be pre-booked and the child’s age must be advised at the time of booking.

Child: 0-7 years inclusive - free of charge.

Valid for 01JAN20-31DEC22:
Infant: 0-2 year inclusive - cots available, free of charge

Child: 3-11 years inclusive - free of charge when sharing with an adult and using existing bedding.

Valid for 01APR22-31MAR23:
Infant: 0-1 year inclusive - free of charge

Child: 2-11 years inclusive - child rates apply.

Exemplar Coaches and Limousines has a strong duty of care to all customers, staff members and members of the general public. We are committed to mitigating the spread of Covid-19 in all our vehicles, staff facilities, equipment, and depots through stringent protocols and procedures.
This plan is based on Queensland Government transport guidelines released on 5th June 2020.
All Exemplar staff are fully aware of the ramifications of not adhering to our procedures. They are extensively trained.
VehiclesAll vehicles are supplied with hand sanitizer.All vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.All vehicles have cleaning kits and drivers are instructed to wipe down all hard surfaces with disinfectant between passenger loads.A summary of these guidelines will be displayed in each vehicle.Staff
All exemplar staff have been instructed to maintain high personal hygiene standards.Wash hands thoroughly with warm soapy water frequently. This is proven to be the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.Dry hands with a paper towel or hand dryer. Dispose of paper towels appropriately.Cough or sneeze into elbow or use a tissue. Dispose of the tissue appropriately and wash or sanitize hands.Resist touching your face, nose or eyes.Practice social distancing of 1.5mDo not report to work if feeling unwell.Airport Procedures
Procedures at the airport when greeting passengers and collecting from hotels are as follows:No handshaking. Fist and elbow taps allowed.Passengers will be escorted to the vehicle keeping 1.5m distance.Driver (and only driver) will open doors.Seat in Coach: on reaching the vehicle passengers will be asked to remain on the footpath with their luggage. Driver will then call out passenger’s name in the reverse order that they will be dropped off.Luggage will be received from the passenger with the driver spraying the handle with disinfectant then wiping with paper towel.Private vehicles: Same procedure except drivers invite the passenger(s) to the vehicle by name.When returning the luggage to the passenger, the driver will position the piece of luggage on the footpath after spraying the handle again and wiping with paper towel.Seating on BusesWe will adhere to the 1.5m social spacing if possible and practicable to do so.Family groups may be seated together.All passengers will face forward.For passengers who feel the need for confirmed social spacing, Exemplar Premier seating service will be available. (See email attached for benefits and rates). Their seat will be reserved with their name on it, be situated at the front of the vehicle and have a vacant seat next to them. These passengers will embark the vehicle last.Gloves:
Gloves will only be used by staff when cleaning vehicles. We mandate washing hands and using hand sanitizer regularly.
Staff: Is at the discretion of the driver whether or not they wear a mask. The norm will be that they do not.
Passengers: Vehicles will carry masks and will be offered to anyone who displays symptoms (such as a coughing fit) where it would be prudent to don a mask.
Passengers must take their mask and all other items with them when disembarking the vehicle.

Maximum Passengers Per Vehicle: 7.
Baggage Capacity: 1 suitcase and 1 carry on per person.

Departure Information:
- The driver will meet passengers in their accommodation’s reception area and passengers should be ready 15 minutes prior to their departure time.


Not Available